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What are the Best Health Benefits of Visiting Cat Cafes?

The concept of a cat cafe might be new in some cultures. However, it is a permanent part of Chinese culture. These cafes first originated in Taiwan in 1998, specifically in Taipei. With time, these cafes reached different areas of the world, including China, Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, India, Germany, and many more. Taiwanese culture has a huge impact on the origin of cat cafes.

The people of Taiwan are famous for their friendliness and warm and welcoming nature. Their wonderful relationship with animals is the reason behind the advent of cat cafes in Taiwan. With the help of professional English translation services, this culture reached English countries and today is an integral part of American culture.

History of Cat Cafes

The history of cat cafes goes back to 1998. The name of this first cat cafe was “Cat Flower Garden”. As these cafes originated in Taiwan, let’s discuss some important information about Taiwan. Taiwan is home to more than 23.57 million people. The country’s official language is Mandarin Chinese, the world’s number one spoken language. Taiwan is not only famous for its cat cafes but also for producing oolong tea and is the most mountainous island in the world.

To keep the essence of cat cafes intact, cafe owners go for Mandarin translation servicesOn the other hand, it also helps to cater to the Mandarin-speaking audience. After a few years of success with cat cafes in Taiwan, they reached Osaka in 2004, named “Neko no Jikan”. Tokyo has around 39 cat cafes out of the more than 150 in Japan. And today, cat cafes are scattered in France, the United Kingdom, North America, and many more countries.

Popularity and Growth of Cat Cafes

Despite the health benefits that cat cafes provide us, which we will discuss in this short read, other factors contribute to their popularity. The role of social media is one of the greatest things that directly affects this culture. Who doesn’t love furry, friendly, and cute cats? The cat images we find online tempt us to have cats around us. These cat cafes have social media profiles where they post lovely photos of cats. This invites people to enjoy the company of cats.

Other than human health, these cafes provide a safe place for cats. These cafes promote animal rescue organizations. It is because such organizations rescue the cats present in these cafes. Cats find a friendly home where they are cared for and loved.

Astonishing Health Benefits of Cat Cafes

Cat cafes don’t just add to the aesthetic beauty of society; they also help improve human lives. Cat therapy is the right term for this, where we take health benefits with just the presence of cats.

Mental Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Petting cats triggers the release of oxytocin in the human body, which reduces stress and allows us to relax. The other name for oxytocin is “the cuddle chemical”. It is a bonding hormone released as the result of fondling cats. Besides oxytocin, spending time with cats releases happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine.

Cats help reduce mental stress and anxiety. It is one of the reasons that people who suffer from depression are advised to keep cats or dogs as pets. According to a study, petting a cat for just 10 minutes increases the level of oxytocin in the human body by 12 per cent.

With the popularity of cat cafes, cafe owners are working hard to cater to the large Mandarin-speaking audience. With the integration of Mandarin language translations, you can capture the attention of the Mandarin-speaking audience specifically, which boosts your business.

Improvement in Mental Health

When stress and anxiety don’t occupy your mind, it improves your mental health to a greater degree. Remaining in the company of cats makes you feel happy and peaceful. Cats’ soft purring sound helps build a bond between cats and humans. It also shows that cats feel safe around you, which is itself a self-soothing mechanism.

Mood Enhancement

Having a calm mind and a peaceful environment favours a great mood. It helps you to look at life with a more positive outlook. These cafes also offer an escape from our lives monotonous and busy routines and cheer our souls. With the aid of English translation servicesyou get the real Taiwanese concept behind these cafes: replenishment of the human soul.


Cats offer companionship, which is great for lonely people. These cafes are also best in those cultures where people don’t keep pets in their houses. In this way, they can also enjoy pets’ company without breaking any cultural factors.

Final Words!

Cat cafes originated in Taiwan, where people have a great love for animals. Cats reduce stress and anxiety. They help to boost your psychological health. In the long run, it enhances your mood and physical health. Cats also offer companionship to people.



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